super power no more…

As I progress into my 40’s there have been a slew of health related changes. The easiest to “fix” is my eyesight.


Last week was the boys’ spring break and I took the boys to their annual eye exam.  The hip smooth talking staff convinced me to get my eyes checked as well.  Why? It was only 2 years ago that my exam confirmed my perfect 20/20 vision.  In high school and college I was actually 20/15.  I LOVED being the one who could read signs before everyone else.  I used to freak people out with my “superior vision”. Friends would have me read menus and posters from far away and I admit, it is was kind of fun to ha
So I laughed when the optometrist told me I needed “progressive lenses” .  What an oxymoron: progressive and glasses in the same sentence, right!  I demanded to know my score. He explained it was still good, that a 20/25 was “really good for a women in her 40’s”.  He also explained most people don’t get that caught up on their score and many people never ask their a “super power”.

WHAT? Being proud of my perfect vision history & knowing I still “had the power” I just smiled and said “bless your heart, you’re new here right?  What happened to the Dr. from last year?” He politely explained they could hold my “script” for a year. My script for what?!

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Made-It Mauve ReviewTwo days later I read an add for a new Maybelline lipstick called Whiskers. “EWHH!” after looking at it a few more times I realized it said “Whisper.”

Yesterday I was taken aback by a text from a colleague that read “f*** from my vocation!” After many attempts at refocusing I realized it read “back from my vacation”

Then today I was at the gym & I grabbed a Cosmopolitan that had Miley Cyrus on the cover.   I took it with me to the treadmill and kept turning pages because I couldn’t read the words, they were blurry and strange looking.  Suddenly I realized I had grabbed a Spanish version of Cosmo.  No wonder I wasn’t sure what some of those phrases were on the front, I just thought it was some “new generation” lingo.

Kinda bummed to say goodbye to 20/20. I will miss my super power.  

Oh well, on to bigger problems! Frames that will hide these crazy eye brows!


2 thoughts on “super power no more…”

  1. Marti,

    You look great in your new glasses, so I wouldn’t stress about it too much. I get the passing of time thing and the loss of youthful prowess but age has it’s privledges.

    I wanted to comment on the blog post but the comment link goes to a blank page. Perhaps this is a draft?

    Anyway have a great weekend.


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