funny bone ain’t so funny after all

If you read my “doctor, doctor” post you’ll know I have been having  a lot of tests & have been to dozens of specialist in an attempt to diagnose and treat a variety of complications. They all pretty much reside on the right side of my body. Sharp pains, burning, tingling, numbness and weakness in my right arm, right shoulder, right hand, right side, right foot… do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that what it’s all about (oops, sorry, got a lil carried away).     

The one thing most of the specialist agree on is that having a peripheral nerve surgeon decompress the nerve at my elbow (ulnar nerve/ aka your funny bone) and repair a torn muscle at my elbow  (tennis anyone?) will hopefully give me some relief.  Hey, I am all about bargains- so two surgeries for the “price” of one works for me.

There is also a tear in my rotator cuff that has to be addressed, but hoping PT and steroids can take care of that with time.  Getting old ain’t easy!  I  inherited a double whammy (thanks Mom & Dad) of serious arthritis.  Unfortunately it just crept it’s way into my neck & shoulders which led to other problems and I injured my collar bone as a kiddo and there could be some scar tissue pinching a nerve in that area.

My funny bone surgery is scheduled for October 1st @ John’s Hopkins in Baltimore. I am being operated on by an excellent surgeon.  I have only been sedated once as an adult & I had a horrible reaction to the anesthesia that time, so I am a tad anxious. I also always seem to have the worst reaction to any medication. If the warning booklet says “in a small percentage of patients blah, blah blah…” I end of being in that small percentage.

Thankfully my mother in law who is a registered nurse is coming up to help take care of me.  Bill has to be out of town for several days right after my surgery and the doc has told me there will be some intense pain the first week and I will have no use of my right arm for 2-3 weeks.  So having my own personal nurse here will be a life saver!  My dad quickly offered his reward points to buy her ticket.  I’m a lucky gal. My mom in law is also one heck of a cook so everyone will be eating yummy food for the first time!

I appreciate the prayers and words of support. I have slowed down and made eating healthy and walking with Bill a priority.

Take care of those bodies ya’ll!  That’s the biggest take away for me is that I have to put my health first.

-marti (aka mammameff)


3 thoughts on “funny bone ain’t so funny after all”

  1. Listen to the “older” Martha and take time to heal,do the therapy and let others take care of YOU.
    So glad Dorothy is coming to help out . Sending prayers your way for sure . Love you – – Aunt Martha

  2. I agree with Martha, listen to your body and give it time to heal. Go into this with a positive mind , lots of prayers going your way in the days to come. love ya, Dad

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