3 thoughts on “meffs moving on…”

  1. 6 months ago today my father died unexpectedly. I cannot believe it has been half a year already. Can’t say I have done exceedingly well with the grief process. This was a really sucky loss. My Dad was one of my bestest friends and we had a unique relationship that went through many trials and tribulations.
    I will continue to process this loss at my own pace. There is still a huge part of me that is in denial. I haven’t deleted any of his contact info from my phone. I think there is still a part of me hoping he will return from this last trip of his and call me. He traveled a lot and we wouldn’t be able to communicate easily- so the denial let’s me assume he’s just been on a REALLY long journey without cell phone service.
    We bought a house last Friday and it would simply thrill my dad to hear all about the process. He LOVED to talk to me about furniture, paint colors and accessories. He knew my real desire in life has always been to be a designer/decorator and he would encourage me to pursue that dream often.
    I miss our chats, I miss his laughter, I miss his sarcasm and wit. I miss having a dad. It sucks.
    Moving on. That’s the theme for now. He would want me to move on and not stay stuck in the place of horrible sadness.
    So with this new house, I am hoping it can symbolize my emotional status. Not that I am ever going to magically be relieved of grief, or that I will stop missing my dad. Instead- I am hopeful I can move on to the acceptance and joy that I know I need to be complete and healthy.
    So- here’s to you Dad. Happy 6 month anniversary of your day of your departure from this beautiful world.

  2. Marti,

    Congratulations on the new house. Always an exciting thing to do. Where are you moving to?

    We are moving as well, on April 11th to be precise. Since Susan works at NPR in DC we have decided to become DC dwellers and join the influx of people moving into the city rather than out of it. Our new address is 136 Waltman Place, NE. Washington, DC 20011. As before I’ll have a dedicated office in the house and will be open for business on April 14th.

    So moving on is indeed the theme this Spring. Good luck to all of us.

    Keep in touch.


  3. Gerry- how exciting? Is it a town house? I would love to see it. Will need to connect at some point. My computer crashed a fews weeks ago & my attempts at reloading photoshop & LR have not been very successful. I am totally cutting back on the photo biz. But do have a few Spring Sessions I have promised for some of my loyal clients.

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